12 Aug

I am excited to welcome Hailey Rowland, BSW as the newest associate of Halton Therapy & Neurofeedback. Hailey graduated from the BSW program in 2019, and is fully certified as a  Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) provider.

In addition to having a keen interest in working with kids who are on the spectrum, Hailey has specialization in relation to ADHD, selective mutism, and trauma.

In recent years I have become recognized for my high level of expertise with SSP. SSP is an approach for which the choice of practitioner is extremely important. Since May 2019 I have provided SSP to well over 300 people ranging in age from 2 years old to 78 years old. I also offer consultation to other SSP providers to assist them with better learning how to safely provide this remarkable modality, to allow for best possible improvements. When Unyte-iLs, the SSP company, determines that someone may be too complicated for their in house providers, it is not unusual for them to refer them to me.

Because I tend to have a high volume of more complicated SSP clients, who very often need to be guided through the protocol more slowly, there are times that I can not keep up with demand.

For now and until at least December 31, 2022 Hailey will be offering SSP at a reduced rate, while being very closely supervised by me. Hailey is currently studying Polyvagal theory. and we will be attending the 2022 PVI Gathering and Unyte Safe & Sound Summit together this October in Florida, where we will be learning from world renowned experts Stephen Porges (creator of both Polyvagal theory and SSP), Deb Dana, Janina Fisher, Kim Barthel and many others.

Hailey and I have a shared goal of her quickly developing an expertise similar to my own so that she too can become proficient at offering SSP to some of the most complex client presentations.

Until December 31, 2022 Hailey's rate will be $380 for kids aged 12 and under, and $480 for kids aged 13 and over as well as adults. Some limits apply, please enquire for details. :)