Carol Ann Brayley (formerly Rowland), MSW, RSW, SEP


With over 27 years of experience as a psychotherapist, Carol Ann absolutely loves her work, is extremely passionate about finding the best, most effective tools for her clients, and finds that bringing more joy to her clients' lives, brings more joy to hers.

Hailey Rowland Fawcett, BSW

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) Practitioner

I am excited to welcome Hailey as the newest associate of Halton Therapy & Neurofeedback. Hailey graduated from the BSW program in 2019, became certificied in SSP in the summer of 2022, and attended the PVI Gathering Unyte-iLS SSP Summit October 2022. Hailey has embraced offering SSP with enthusiasm and already has experience in relation to ADHD, selective mutism, young moms, trauma and misophonia.


Office Jester & Therapy Dog

Jasper is a 7 year old St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog. In addition to his work at Halton Therapy & Neurofeedback, Jasper has friends throughout Georgetown, volunteering with Carol Ann to visit nursing homes, schools, addiction programs, community events, and more. While Jasper is sometimes felt to not necessarily be the smartest boy, he is almost universally agreed upon as being one of the silliest and sweetest boys. Jasper too has had a remarkable response to SSP - after two rounds of SSP he is no longer afraid of fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises! You can read about this on my blog. :)


Office Manager & Therapy Cat

Molly is a two year old Ragdoll cat. Ragdolls are a less allergenic breed. While Molly's actual role is truly one of therapy cat, being a cat, she believes she is the one in charge and, in some respects, she is not wrong. During sessions, Molly loves to either supportively sleep on her climber, or to snuggle with those clients who welcome her sitting with them. Many clients find that Molly makes a most excellent fidget toy. Even people who usually don't like cats, typically love Molly who has many dog-like traits, including that she loves to have her tummy rubbed. :)



Amy is our newest intern. She is a mini Australian Labradoodle. Being very early in her training, she is still learning. She is currently working on recognizing that snuggles and the occasional doggy kiss are likely to have a greater therapeutic effect than nibbling on fingers and toes. However, she is progressing rapidly. ❤️


Office Mascott

Sadly, Maggie, our much beloved office mascot passed away recently at 15 1/2 years old. While she is no longer with us, it is well worth checking out my blog to read about the amazing transformation she experienced with SSP - she had always had anxious-aggressive barking which stopped completely after one round of SSP, as well as her having an astonishing reduction of chronic pain from arthritis. Clients who had been coming for a while have been amazed at the changes in her, as has all of her family! More people decided to do SSP after watching her change over time, than I could possibly have anticipated. :)