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Services me are covered under extended health plans that cover counselling with a social worker rather than requiring that the therapist be a psychologist.  Please check with your plan provider to verify the limits of our coverage.


$180 CDN (about $132 USD) for a one hour session whether online, by phone or in person.

SSP with Carol Ann Brayley, MSW, RSW, SEP 

SSP for kids aged 12 & under is $480 CDN (about $325 US)
SSP for teens and adults is $660 CDN (about $485 US)

SSP with Hailey Rowland Fawcett, BSW

SSP for kids aged 12 & under is $400 CDN (about $325 US)
SSP for teens and adults is $560 CDN (about $420 US)

Additional family members aged 12 & under are $120 CDN/$90 US each
Additional family members who are teens or adults are an additional $300 CDN/$225 US each)

The fee for those aged 13 and up includes an online session in which the beginning of listening is observed.  This session is not necessary for those aged 12 and under.

Subsequent rounds of SSP when the first round was done with us, are $320 CDN/$240 USD

These fees include access to the app for up to 4 months for individuals ore up to 6 months when multiple family members are doing SSP Core, sequentially.

These fees also include access to all three SSP pathways if desired (Connect, Core & Balance) within the 4-6 month period.

Want to stay on the app to continue to access SSP Balance and/or SSP Connect on a. regular basis? This can be added one or an additional $50 CDN/$40 US fee per month.

Additional rounds of SSP

Most people will benefit from repeating SSP at some point though it is important to wait at least 3 months in between rounds of SSP Core.

Subsequent rounds of SSP are $320 CDN/$235 US each for all ages, when the initial round was done with either Carol Ann Brayley, MSW, RSW, SEP or Hailey Rowland Fawcett, BSW

For those who live in Ontario Canada and have extended health plans that cover therapy with a social worker the majority the fee is likely to be covered, within the limits and restrictions of their plan.  Please contact us for details.

Please note:  the above SSP pricing applies to remote access to SSP in which all (for ages 12 and under) or most (for those aged 13 and up) of listening will be done without a practitioner directly observing but with a friend or family member (someone the listener feels safe and comfortable with) present, if possible..  It is important that those accessing remote use of SSP stay in touch with their provider over email, checking in every day or two ideally, so the the process is supervised throughout. 

SSP is not considered the "end" of treatment but rather than beginning as, by shifting physiology, it boosts the effectiveness and efficiency of all other approaches that someone accesses. It is best followed by other approaches relevant for the particular individual, such as neurofeedack, iLs Focus, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, etc...

Focus System Rental 

Total Focus system rental includes the whole Total Focus package: iPod, amplifier, connector cable, bone-conducting headphones, waist pack, balance board, 2 bean bags, 1 racket ball, 1 tethered tennis ball, headband, Playbook, manual and carry bag.

Focus is currently in transition, moving to an app rather than being on a physical system and pricing is under review while I collect more information. 


In office neurofeedback sessions, when available:

$135 per session (45 mins, 32 mins of which is neurofeedback) - Currently I do not have space for new Neurofeedback clients for in office sessions - I do have rental systems for home use, however.

Neurofeedback Rental Units Available!

Rent a neurofeedback tablet and use it in the comfort of your own home, for your family and friends.  Many clients like to rent because it’s the cheapest way to have a neurofeedback session. If you have a family, renting is convenient - no need to get everybody into the car, just run sessions at home. For clients who live out of town, renting might be the only option. Feel free to share your sessions with friends and family, if desired.  Anyone can benefit from brain training.  Fastest change is often seen when doing sessions more frequently - it can be beneficial to do up to two brain training sessions per day.

Neurofeedback Rental Packages

Feel free to share your sessions with friends and family!

Up to 10 sessions, over 4 weeks.......$650 ($65 per session)
Up to 20 sessions, over 4 weeks......$800 ($40 per session)
Up to 50 sessions, over 4 weeks......$1000 ($20 per session)
Up to 100 sessions, over 4 weeks.....$1200 ($12 per session)

Neurofeedback rental units are available on a first come, first served basis.  .

Neurofeedback units are also available for purchase.  Should you choose to purchase your own NEW unit after renting one from me, I will rebate up to $100 of your rental fee. Please enquire for details prior to purchasing.

Neurofeedback & Psychotherapy combination sessions are available 

$270 for 90 mins (45 mins of neurofeedback + 45 mins of psychotherapy)
$360 for 2 hours (45 mins of neurofeedback + 75 mins of psychotherapy)

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