$150 for a one hour session  

Covered under extended health plans that cover counselling with a social worker rather than requiring that the therapist be a psychologist.  Check with your plan provider for details.

More information about NeurOptimal, including videos on a variety of topics, are located below the links for online booking.

In office neurofeedback sessions:

$110 per session (45 mins, 32 mins of which is neurofeedback)

$990 - ten session package, when purchased together.  Must be used within 6 months.

Neurofeedback Rental Units Available!

Rent a neurofeedback tablet and do your own brain training any time, anywhere, at the times that work best for you.  Feel free to share your sessions with friends and family, if desired.  Anyone can benefit from brain training.  Fastest change is often seen when doing sessions more frequently - it can be beneficial to do up to two brain training sessions per day.

Neurofeedback Rental Packages

Unlimited sessions, over 4 weeks (share with friends and family if desired)  - $1000
20 sessions, over 4 weeks - $800 ($40 per session)
10 sessions, over 4 weeks - $600 ($60 per session)

NeurOptimal rental units are available on a first come, first served basis

Please note Neurofeedback sessions are not covered under extended health plans, unless used as part of a therapy session.

Neurofeedback & Psychotherapy combination sessions are available

$225 for 90 mins (45 mins of neurofeedback + 45 mins of psychotherapy)
$300 for 2 hours (45 mins of neurofeedback + 75 mins of psychotherapy)

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