$160 for a one hour session

Covered under extended health plans that cover counselling with a social worker rather than requiring that the therapist be a psychologist.  Check with your plan provider for details.


The SSP system rental fee is $350 to have the system for up to 10 days.

Most younger children are able to do the entire SSP protocol at home.

For most older children, teens and adults the SSP cost will be $510 and will include one session in office. If additional sessions are needed in office, they will be charged at the usual $160 per hour rate.

Please note that only sessions done in office are covered under extended health plans - those that cover therapy with a social worker - within the limits and restrictions of your plan.  When renting a system for home use this is NOT covered by extended health plans.


In office neurofeedback sessions:

$120 per session (45 mins, 32 mins of which is neurofeedback)

Neurofeedback Rental Units Available!

Rent a neurofeedback tablet and use it in the comfort of your own home, for your family and friends.  Many clients like to rent because it’s the cheapest way to have a neurofeedback session. If you have a family, renting is convenient - no need to get everybody into the car, just run sessions at home. For clients who live out of town, renting might be the only option. Feel free to share your sessions with friends and family, if desired.  Anyone can benefit from brain training.  Fastest change is often seen when doing sessions more frequently - it can be beneficial to do up to two brain training sessions per day.

Neurofeedback Rental Packages

Feel free to share your sessions with friends and family!

Up to 10 sessions, over 4 weeks.......$600 ($60 per session)
Up to 20 sessions, over 4 weeks......$800 ($40 per session)
Up to 50 sessions, over 4 weeks......$1000 ($20 per session)
Up to 100 sessions, over 4 weeks.....$1200 ($12 per session)

Neurofeedback rental units are available on a first come, first served basis.  

Neurofeedback units are also available for purchase.  Should you choose to purchase your own NEW unit after renting one from me, I will rebate up to $200 of your rental fee. 

I also have two USED "personal" systems available for purchase.  They are 1 1/2 years old and are the same hardware currently being sold by Zengar.  New these systems cost $6,997 US with 100 sessions preloaded onto them - additional sessions can be purchased for $8-10 each, from Zengar.  My two USED systems are priced at $5200 US each with each having 100 sessions preloaded onto them, and a brand new set of sensors.  Have your neurofeedback sessions at your own pace!  This type of system has good resale value and can be resold and have the license transferred unlimited times - use it for yourself and your family for now, and sell it later if you feel you no longer need it.
Please note that neurofeedback is NOT covered under extended health plans, unless used as part of a therapy session.

Neurofeedback & Psychotherapy combination sessions are available

$240 for 90 mins (45 mins of neurofeedback + 45 mins of psychotherapy)
$320 for 2 hours (45 mins of neurofeedback + 75 mins of psychotherapy)

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