Since May 2019, I have offered SSP to a few hundred people, from ages 2 - 78 years old, from all over the world. I specialize in offering SSP to people dealing with the most complex situations, and offer consultation to other SSP practitioners to help them learn how to deliver SSP to allow for best possible results.

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) image

Are you looking for help and information in relation to the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)?

Please visit  There are new offerings there, including online groups for both SSP clients and practitioners, a greatly expanded FAQ section about SSP, and much more.

You can still read about my own responses to SSP and that of my dogs on my blog.  SSP related posts begin July 2019 and if you scroll up from there, there are many more.

You also can watch a video here, where I am interviewed by the parent of a little boy on the spectrum, who did SSP with me.

My associate Hailey Rowland, BSW, now has her own website she can be found at.  She uses the same approach that I do and has now worked with quite a number of children with ASD and sensory related concerns, as well as a few adults, including some with trauma.